3 Best Free Offline Navigation App For Android Users In India

Offline navigation app comes in very handy when you are traveling in India. It is not possible to have data connectivity everywhere we go and there are many places in India where you will not get speed that you want to use the online navigation. If you are on a move and you have got an Android tablet which works only on a Wi-Fi then also you can use free offline navigation app to get directions.

There are many free and paid offline navigation apps available in Google Play but all the free apps are not of good quality. Below given are some of the best free offline navigation apps for your Android phones and tablets.

Free Offline Navigation Apps For Android Phones & Tablets

1. MapDroyd

MapDroyd stores map files locally on your device using MicroMap format which is designed and optimized for embedded devices. You can store as many map files on your local storage card as you want.

Once you have downloaded maps form their map server onto your local storage (SD card) you can use them without being online. It will automatically extends your map coverage by searching for all available map files and assembling them to a large meta region.

MapDroyd allows to rotate maps in any direction you want. Since it does not store cached maps images or tiles like Google Maps or others do, MapDroyd can turn the map view into any angle required. It also includes an optional “auto-rotate” function that turns the map direction according to your real orientation (“head-up”).

MapDroyd marks your last known location with a red cross sign and a circle indicating the accuracy of the last positioning method.

There are two different navigation modes: Drag and Rubberband Mode. In the drag mode (default) you can pull the map in any direction you want by simply dragging the screen. In order to zoom in or out smoothly you have to click on the zoom bottons on the left and right bottom area, or, just roll your trackball up or down.

In the rubberband mode you simply tap the screen to reposition the map center. In order to zoom into a given region you draw a rectangle from the upper left to lower right screen corner. In order to zoom out you draw
the rectangle in the opposite way, from the lower right to the upper left screen corner

2. Navfree: Free GPS Navigation

Navfree is a free navigation app that offers turn-by-turn directions, spoken and on-screen instructions, offline map use and address search and live search via Google and Microsoft Bing.

The maps it uses are available for free download from the Navfree Store. The map data is stored on your device so there is no need for a constant data connection. It also allows you to browse maps anytime, anywhere without paying for data connections.

It uses high-quality, open-source map data from OpenStreetMap that has been created and is continually improved by users around the world.

3. Google Maps

Google Maps has built-in support for offline maps. It lets you download a map area to your Android device, so you can view it offline. Maps will automatically deleted after 30 days.

Users can select the “make available offline” option and select the size of the region, both in terms of distance covered as well as how much data this will consume.

Only map tiles are downloaded. The offline mode does not enable search option for places with the map selection or the ability to get directions.

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