How to Enable / Disable Secure Browsing (https) on Facebook

If you have done shopping or banking online, you may have noticed HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) being used in URL insted of regular HTTP with small lock icon in your address bar, or the address bar turned green. This means that your browser is using a secure connection (HTTPS) to communicate with the website.

Facebook also has HTTPS (Secure Browsing) to keep you protected from attacks. Enabling secure browsing on Facebook makes it harder for anyone else to access your Facebook information without your permission.

By default the secure browsing is disabled on your account but you can make https on Facebook by following the below given steps.

How to Enable / Disable Secure Browsing on Facebook

1. Log in to your Facebook account

2. Go Account Settings > Security.

Facebook Account Setting

3. In Security Settings page, Edit the Secure Browsing section.

Security Settings Facebook

Enable HTTPS On Facebook

Check the box provided and save your changes to turn on Secure Browsing (https) on your Facebook account.

Facebook Secure Browsing

Once you turn on secure browsing, the address bar in your browser begins with “https://”.

Facebook HTTPS On

Also when you turn on secure browsing, your any active Facebook sessions on another web browsers or apps will be terminated and you will have to re-enter your login information.

If you have enabled Facebook HTTPS and your browser warns you of a certificate error then do not continue as it could be an indication that someone is tampering with your connection.

Disable HTTPS On Facebook

It is strongly recommended that you browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) but if you want to disable it then uncheck the box and save your changes.

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