How To Follow / Unfollow Someone on Pinterest

When you follow someone, their pins show up in real time on your Pinterest home feed. If the person you are following creates a new board, you will automatically follow the new board as well.

You can follow individual boards if you are only interested in seeing pins from a specific boards. You can follow all of the boards or just the ones you like best.

How to Follow on Pinterest

To follow someone, Go to the person’s profile. Select Follow All to follow all of their boards Or Click Follow underneath boards to follow boards individually.

Follow On Pinterest

You can find someone you want to follow by searching their name in the Search bar on Pinterest. After you run a search on the name, click People to view user search results. When you are viewing someone’s profile, you can click the Follow All button or Follow for specific boards you like.

How to Unfollow on Pinterest

The unfollow someone on Pinterest, go to that person’s profile, and then press Unfollow underneath boards to unfollow an individual board or Unfollow All to unfollow all of their boards.

UnFollow On Pinterest

To unfollow multiple people, go to your profile. Click Following underneath your profile information to see the list of people who you are currently following on Pinterest. Now, Click Unfollow next to the users who you wish to unfollow.

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