How To Update iTunes On Mac & Windows

iTunes is a free application that lets you organise and play digital music and video on your computer. You should always update iTunes to the latest version because each time Apple releases an iTunes update, new features and bug fixes are added. The update also includes other stability and performance improvements.

The latest version of iTunes can be automatically downloaded and installed by using Apple Software Update application on Windows and Mac.

How to Update iTunes on Windows

On a Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can use Apple Software Update for Windows to keep iTunes up to date.

1. To use Software Update for Windows, click the Start menu and select Apple Software Update.

Apple Software Update Windows

2. It will now check for update, you will see a pop-up window with a bar showing the progress of checking for the update.

Checking For Apple Software Updates On Windows

3. If there are no updates available it means your iTunes is up to date. A dialog appears stating “Your software is up-to-date.”

Your Software is up to date

If there are updates available, Click Install to download and install them. A window pop-up will show the progress of the download of the iTunes update. When the download is completed, the updated version of iTunes will be installed.

How to Update iTunes on Mac

1. On a Mac, click the Apple menu in the top right corner of the screen and select Software Update.

Apple Software Update on Mac

2. The App Store opens and displays any software updates available.

3. If you see that iTunes update is available then click Update to download iTunes. You can click Update All to install all available software updates.

4. After a software update had been started, the progress indicators will appear.

5. After the update is complete, restart the computer if necessary.

From Within iTunes

If you are connected to Internet, iTunes automatically checks for updates every time you open it. If updates are available, you will receive a prompt to download the update.

Update iTunes From Within ITunes

You can also manually check for updates by selecting Check for Updates from the iTunes menu (In iTunes 11 the Menu Bar is hidden by default. To show the menu bar, Press the Alt key). If updates are available, you will be prompted to download the update.

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